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Hi … I’m Caleb Leng from Singapore …

In this above video, I've to show you how thousands have already achieved what I call the

“Dot Com Lifestyle.”

The Dot Com Lifestyle is having freedom of Time, Money and Location.

I know a lot of people who make a lot of money, but they have no time to spend it.

… and conversely I know a lot of people who have a lot of time, but they have no money.

So what is that?

Even for people who have both time and money, odds are they’re tied down to one location.

The Dot Com Lifestyle means having it all:
Time Freedom
Money Freedom
Location Freedom
… And I’m going to show you how we have achieved it, and how you can achieve it too.
Caleb Leng
Author, 102 Ways To Make Genuine Income Online 
& 102 Life-Changing Affirmations
Online Entrepreneur Trainer
Founder, Clickninja Wealth Creation Academy.
Founder, Touchstudios Paris, Singapore, Bali
Some Of The Fantastic Clients I've Worked With Through The Years
But Before We Begin. . .
I’m going to be blunt with you …

If you’re sick and tired of chasing the “next best” thing, and you’re ready to create real results, real wealth, and real freedom then close the door and read every word of this page...

… I will tell you the REAL reason why you haven’t seen the success you want online, and what you can finally do about it.

I’ll also reveal how you can make money from home, or wherever you choose, using just your computer.

And by the way–this works even if you can’t spell the word “computer.” My English and grammar aren’t the best, yet I’ve made a very comfortable full-time income online with this System.

You don’t need any special skills and even people in their 80’s are making money by following 21 simple steps.

I want to be clear that ‘Easy Money’ and ‘Get Rich Quick’ do not exist. Most of the people who get ‘creamed’ in this business have a lottery based mentality, and suffer from the trappings of entitlement. 

With that being said, I'm going to show you how to create REAL WEALTH using this system.

A real education based platform that offers a lucrative business opportunity "Online Franchise" like system...

And... while most of the work is done for you, every smart entrepreneur knows that success in any business requires time, money and persistence.

After all this success, I'm now on a mission to give back and create new success stories. And, I now have a powerful secret formula.

Now you may be thinking TWO things:

First …

“This sounds like another ‘make money online’ scam.”


To date, people in over 37 countries have made more than $56 million dollars with this System, and I’ll show you proof in just a few minutes.
And the second thing you may be thinking is …

“For ordinary people, making money online is impossible no matter what anyone says.”


Regular people all over the world are making $1,000s … tens of $1,000s … even hundreds of thousands of dollars with this System every MONTH.
… stay-at-home moms … retired teachers
… ex-corporate slaves … even college dropouts
So …
If you haven’t seen the success you want online, it’s not your fault.

I assure you, the problem is not with YOU or with the Internet.

The real problem is that most online marketing systems leave out many crucial steps.
Well, that’s about to change.

But first, here’s a little something about me so you know I’m qualified to help you.

Obviously my results aren’t typical. For typical results check out the income disclosure here.
Just An Ordinary Guy Who Wrote An E-Book About 102 Ways To Make Genuine Side Income Online
I literally wrote an E-book on it here.  
But if you're looking for full-time income replacement using the internet  and what I did personally, read on.
I am not telling you any of this to brag. I only want to demonstrate what’s possible FOR YOU when you find the right System and mentors.
People look at my life today and they think things are fantastic.

But it wasn’t always like this.

I was born in a humble family in Singapore

The house I grew up in:

My beloved father is a real estate agent but struggled because he did not believe in undercutting competitors, takes up odd jobs of setting up houses, fell from a ladder and broke his wrist  

He drives uber to make ends or pushes his limit on the road many days into the wee hours, got into 2 accident because of fatigue, one of which almost claimed his life. 
Mum is a nurse, who started her education when she was 45, she stopped 8 years of seeing too much death and went back studying work skills courses. No college degrees. 

They practically slogged their lives to support a family of 5. Mum pawned her wedding ring just so we could have enough for a 12 year old birthday celebration at Macdonalds. Life was difficult, the banks came once for home seizure, so I practically traded 2nd hand mobile phones to cover my textbook and notes. We didn't have much options in life. 
Looking at this, a lot of people would say “your life must have sucked growing up.”
But you know, I never saw it that way.

What I saw was I lived in a place with a flushing toilet, a roof over my head, Yes I never had options growing up but I learnt the value of sacrifice, hardwork and family.

You see, when you are presented with a situation you can look at it two ways:

You can see it as a problem or you can see it as an opportunity.

Growing up, all I saw was opportunity because that’s what my family taught me.

My dad told me that life is nothing but opportunities. And one of the reasons he worked his butt off is so that I could have better opportunities.

He said in this country I could be anything I wanted to be.

And of course he wanted me to be a doctor. (Typical Asian parents always want their children to be doctors.)

These days my dad has no concept of what I do. He tells his friends that I just sit in front of a computer and money comes in.
How My Life Led to Direct Response Marketing 
& ‘Living the Dot Com Lifestyle’
The Secret To Living The 
Dot Com Lifestyle
The system I'm about to reveal is the secret to having more time, money and location freedom ...

That's why I call it the Limitless Dot Com Lifestyle.

The genius of this System is that all the hardest stuff is Done For You.
For an online business to be successful, 
it needs 2 things:
People need to visit your websites (Traffic)
Those websites need to turn visitors into buyers so you can make money (Conversions).
Now, this formula sounds simple but it’s incredibly hard to make it work all on your own … and impossible to scale on your own.

However, that’s exactly what this System does for you … which is why it’s so revolutionary.

It provides all the following for you:
Proven websites and marketing funnels that turn traffic into cash for you
Quality products that provide REAL value
Top-notch customer service
Merchant processing and accounting
A staff of over 150 people to run it all for you
All you have to do is focus on send leads; and, when those leads buy, you get paid.

The System will show you how to find leads and send them to the high converting websites.

Then “tested and proven” sales funnels will turn your leads into buyers.

Those buyers will get sold into higher-ticket programs without you lifting a finger …

… and depending on the program they purchase, you will get paid $1,250 … $3,300 … or $5,500 deposited directly into your bank account.
  •  Never Create A Product
  •  Never Build A Website
  •  No Merchant Accounts Needed
  •  No selling Needed
  •  No Technical Skills Needed
  •  No Sales Funnels Needed
  •  No Experience Needed
We Quickly Became The Most 
Powerful Community Of Internet 
Entrepreneurs In The World
The greatest part was, it was a COLLECTIVE VICTORY. The results were amazing and consistent.

New marketers with little or no experience in this industry were finally seeing results. People who had NEVER achieved success in this industry, are now making money. Many in their first or second month!

You Don't Have To Struggle (Unless You Want to!)
  •  We have a revolutionary marketing and education platform that eliminates most of the individual marketer's in-experience and abilities as variables for their success. 
  •  It teaches you how to generate the leads, then filters and qualifies them for you.
  •  Highly trained professionals from our in house call center follow-up with your prospects on your behalf, helping to close you sales so you can get paid. This eliminated the most dysfunctional aspects of selling, telling, and explaining.
  •  This is a revolutionary way of marketing that levels the playing field so that new marketers are often able to enjoy the same results as seasoned veterans without having to deal with many of the frustrations and long learning curves.
  •  It allows you to focus on building your business while "outsourcing" the most difficult sales and marketing aspects to experienced professionals, until you become one!
  •  This is one of the first marketing and education platforms ever created for the home business industry… and is no-doubt causing a stir!
If You Are. . . 
... Hating your job... Struggling to get by... In debt... Unable to retire

… Or, if you just want to live a better, more fulfilling life without worries?
… Then you’re in the right place …

… just like I was in the right place when I first discovered the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle.

You see, I know what it’s like to feel hopeless–to have nothing in the bank and no idea what to do about it.

I didn’t have any special skills or training.

I didn’t have any advantages.

I stumbled many times, but I stayed determined and today I’m truly living the Dot Com Lifestyle because of this powerful System.
My Big Epiphany:
High Ticket Commissions
(The Secret Sauce)
Here Are 13 Reasons My Top Tier Business 
Can Make You Set for Life:
  • TOTAL PART-TIME: You can do everything in as little as 30 to 45 minutes a day, and only a couple weeks each month...
  •  ZERO-RISK: Keep your full-time job until you're making more than enough for you to transit
  •  DO THIS ANYWHERE YOU WANT: You can live anywhere you want and still make genuine income
  •  MAKE MONEY WHILE YOU'RE ON VACATION: My amazing method lets you make income while you sleep, shop, or are on vacation! 
  •  WE DO EVERYTHING! My team of experts do all the selling... all the new product creation and fulfilment... and all the customer service work.
  •  GET-PAID EVERY 2 WEEKS: We will deposit your money into your bank account on the 1st and the 15th of every month, when you successfully use my simple system.
  •  YOU COULD FINALLY LIVE COMFORTABLY: Our top affiliates from all over the world from the States, to Cambodia to Singapore bring in tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. You could be next.
  •  THIS IS REAL! AND 100% LEGITIMATE! You need an opportunity that is guaranteed to work... and this is it! Some of my Affiliates have even earned more than $1 million dollars in total commissions... while my expert team did all of the selling!
  •  NO MLM!: There's NO pyramid plan. NO home parties. NO chasing family and friends. NO recruiting confusion. NO complicated comp plans. And nobody has to know what you're doing to make money.
  •  TOTAL FREEDOM: You can make money and have plenty of time for your family, friends, and social life.
  •  A LONG-TERM OPPORTUNITY: This is your income for the next 5... 10... and even 30 years... and beyond! The key is in the right system with proven track record. Focus, prioritise, implement and take action. See your first paycheque is way easier then you think.
  •  THE PERFECT RETIREMENT PLAN: Especially from where I come from (Singapore) high cost of living and almost impossible to retire, this works. Period. You can pass this long-term wealth creation system along to your kids and grandkids when you retire.
  •  STAY HOME & MAKE MONEY: You'll do everything from home.
  • All 13 of these reasons – added together – make this the perfect way to make an online income
Now, I know you are eager to get 
started, so let me quickly explain 
exactly what you get with 
My Top Tier Business System.
Here's a quick summary
Done For You Sales System
-100% Automated-
Selling high ticket products is the first step to you making a high end 6 - 7 figure income online. This is the 'hidden' secret behind all the successful earners, and millionaire Internet Gurus. 

However, selling high ticket products yourself is not an easy task, it takes a lot of work. When you join our system today, you will get access to our proprietary 'done for you' sales system that has taken over 5 years to develop and does all the selling for you.

Once you join, you will be given full step by step training on how to implement everything. You'll have your own personal business success coach who will work you through all the steps.

It's as simple as 5 easy steps:
STEP 1 - Get Your Own Internet Business In A Box Starter Kit...
Join our private invite only high converting affiliate program, and 21 step training system 'MTTB.'


You can do that by Clicking Here.
STEP 2 - Once You've Completed All Steps, Now Start Promoting To Profits.
Select from our ever expanding library of pre built high converting lead capture systems, or ready made sales funnels to promote.

Simply follow the easy step-by-step instructions to start getting traffic, leads and sales to your business.
STEP 3 - Prospects To Customers.
Follow our step by step traffic training videos, and drive leads into the system. This automatically turns strangers and website visitors into red hot repeat customers and sales.
STEP 4 - Automating Systems To Make Sales
Our custom email campaigns will immediately start communicating with your leads. Our fully trained, professional telesales team will call up your leads, and build a relationship, deliver value, then sell them our high ticket programs.
STEP 5 - Start Making Commissions...
Every time we make a sale for you, you earn a massive 50% commission! Earn automated commissions of $1,250, $3,300, $5,500 and $10,000 per sale!

(Wired to your bank every 2 weeks).
Thousands Now Make An Extraordinary Living 
Online Who Never Thought They Could…
This is the fastest and easiest way to get to a $10K+ per month earning level online with no hassles. We have thousands of case studies which include complete newbies with no experience reaching six figures in income fast.
Here's What You Will Get By Getting Started Today:
You don’t have to be an expert to make money with this system. The system is designed to work for anyone who puts it into action. Success stories continue to POUR IN, daily. 

New marketers with little or no experience in this industry are finally seeing results. People who had NEVER achieved success, are now making money. Many in their first or second week! 

You see, there’s something special about this system. It allows ordinary people to follow a proven process that can’t get saturated, and earn real high ticket commissions. It allows newbies to start playing on a level playing field with the gurus. It gives honest people like us an opportunity to create a real income, working part time from home.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the investment? Any hidden cost?

A:  Less than a coffee a day. One-Time Payment. No recurring fees, No gimmicks, 100% fully refundable and no questions asked. Learn more here.

Q: Is this a simple system, easy to understand:

A: Yes it is - but you don’t really have to do much to maintain it as it runs itself. Once the funnel is in place, it’s literally set-and-forget, so you can go on with your life while it looks after itself. Just learn to attract visitors to the offers. Full training provided. 21 steps. 30mins a day. 
Here's What Will Happen Next
Once you submit your application, you’ll be able to contact your coach who will ask you a few simple questions to make sure you’re a good fit.

You will NOT be sold anything on this call.

Think of it as a friendly interview.

If you decide the program is not for you, no problem … you’ll get a refund on the spot.
However, if you and your coach decide you are a good fit, then you’re in!

Once accepted, you’ll get instant access to your member’s training area, and you can set an appointment with your coach.

Your coach is assigned according to your time zone.

The company has coaches in the U.K, the U.S, Australia, and most places in between.

Also, you’ll need to fill out a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Some of the information you’ll be getting access to is highly proprietary and needs to stay out of the hands of competitors.
Why Join Today?
Instant access to the internet’s only top tier marketing system that will deposit $1,250 … $3,300 … and $5,500 commissions into your bank account each time your customers purchase products for life

Personal 1-on-1 coaching with a coach who knows the System inside and out

A simple 21-step training program that will show you how to send leads and earn commissions (even if you have no computer skills). It's not too difficult for an 85 year old, you can too!. 

Done-For-You sales funnels that sell quality products and programs to your leads

Done-For-You product fulfilment, payment processing, and customer service

If you add up the value of everything here, this could easily cost you thousands of dollars.

Considering what you can do with this, even that would be an absolute STEAL.
However, like I said earlier … the company’s success is tied to yours.

This system has already proven to work, for anyone without computer skills. Stay-at-home moms … students...  working professionals... retired teachers… ex-corporate slaves …or even college dropouts.

If you hate your job, struggling to get by, in debt or unable to retire, there's no doubt this will help make genuine income from home that WILL replace your full-time  income.

If you are anything like the skeptic I was especially with all the fluff and B.S on the net, consider this...

If all this did was conservatively make you $50/day would it be worth it? 

If all this did was give you a system where you put $1 in and get $2 out would it be worth it?

If all this did was to make you a genuine online income, freedom of time and location would it be worth it?  Off Course!
In addition to these results. Here are just a few examples of many who have experienced success with this powerful System.
Here is Shaqir from the UK. He has been at it for just a couple years and has earned over $2.7 million dollars!
… and Michelle and Bill
who have earned a whopping $787,615.
Now … admittedly Shaqir, Michelle, and Bill had some previous online experience.
But this works for regular people too.
Here’s Deborah–a former schoolteacher–who has been able to retire early after earning $72,284.
And Yevgen, a Ukrainian immigrant
to the U.S. who has made over $56,402.
Here’s Adeline, a young woman from Indonesia who found this system after losing her job & has made over $250,000
Frank has been able to make money with this even at 85 years of age which proves it’s never too late to start!
Then there’s Becca, a mother of two
from Texas who made over
$100,000 in just 6 months!
And Paul Lynch was a former professional athlete who got injured. He has made over $2.1 million in total commissions.
Here's Aik Choon, a former ICU Nurse and trainer from Singapore,
and Luke Lim & his family from Singapore.  Luke was a software engineer for 9 years with 2 kids before he started his online business.
Neary Lim & her sons from Singapore and how her online business pays 
for her household income and children's expenses
Just Imagine Conservatively How an Extra 
$1000 - 10,000 per Month 
Could Change Your Life and Your Loved Ones?
What would you do if you were consistently 
making that kind of extra money?
Perhaps you’d …

Pay off debt or bills

Put down money on a new car or house …


Take a tropical vacation …

Buy a boat …

Save for retirement, and put money away money for your 
family, children or grandchildren.
Regardless of what you desire,
this System can help you get there.
Once you start living the Dot Com Lifestyle, you’ll be able to:

Work when and where you want …

Feel secure about your future …

Live without worries …
PLUS . . .
You Get a No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
If you aren’t accepted, then of course you’ll get an immediate no questions asked refund application fees
On Top Of That
If you are accepted, and go through the training and don’t make any money within 30 days of completing all 21 steps, then you’ll get your entire amount back.
Now, in order to make this guarantee, there are some ground rules …
You need to go through each of the 21 steps on the day it’s assigned
You need to complete the simple assignments for each step
Don’t worry …

The steps and assignments are not difficult and most can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

I’ve been through the training, and this guarantee is MORE than fair.

You instantly get access to a personal coach and some of the best online training I’ve ever seen.
On top of that, 
you’re guaranteed to make money or you get 100% of your money back.
Here's What I Want You To Do Next. . .
On Top Of That
Apply now to get started.

After you submit the form, talk to your coach, and get accepted … you will get instant access to the member’s area and everything we’ve talked about today.

You’re just one step away from learning how this System can change your life.

Don’t delay …

Click the button below now to get started.
There’s just one catch …

The owner of the System could raise the price at any time.

Or he may decide to stop accepting new applications.

Click the button below and fill out the form now to ensure you get in.
For every student who was misguided by “marketing education” and found themselves in the customer-cycle of opportunity-buying...You?

...For every hopeful who wished for a roadmap to success and was never given all the pieces to connect together...You?

...For every network marketer starving for for higher conversions while they get stuck with low converting saturated funnel ...You?

...For every technophobe who clawed the internet looking with jealousy at other marketers who had cooler website widgets...You?

...For every guilty shameful soul who blamed himself when his replicated website did NOT convert like the testimonials said they would...You?

...For every man or woman who felt helpless for not being able to master a needed skillthey couldn’t afford to hire out employees...You?

...For all who begged for clarity & confidence to start an online business alone then bought into infinitely more difficult “money making systems” instead...You?

...For every confused overwhelmed member of multiple programs suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome who didn’t know which program he should focus on selling...You?

...For every sleep-deprived, misunderstood entrepreneur whose spouse is disappointed with for spending their life-savings on a business-venture that’s going nowhere...You?

...For every man or woman who looked like a fool while imitating others who pumped out creative writing and selling ideas...You?

...For every affiliate starving for cheaper, easier, and more targeted website traffic while it moves always just beyond their grasp ...You?

...For every affiliate who's never earned more than a few bucks in commissions and wished they were a better copywriter...You?

...For every Top Tier Marketer who spent tens of thousands of dollars, got into debt, got oversold, and never got any real results from getting into debt...You?

...For every serious minded ambitious individual who wants more for themselves, their families and their BANK ACCOUNTS...You?

...For you my subscriber who's maybe followed me for a day, a month, a year or maybe 5+ years like so many people have already, eagerly opening my daily e-mails...
Well, that’s it from me.

I hope you enjoyed this video and now have a much better understanding of how to make money online and live the Dot Com Lifestyle.

If you wish to join the system then great, welcome aboard. 

I look forward to greeting you. 

Just keep working on your dreams and work every day towards your goal.

This System has completely changed my life.

Today I have time, money and location freedom.

I work from anywhere managing this business and my passionate in photography or wherever I choose.

Every day I home cooked lunch with my mum and spend quality time that I never had

I can go on extended travel or humanitarian trips without worrying about finances.

How much time with family worth to you?

How much is financial freedom to live life on your own terms worth to you?

Remember, I was exactly where you are, googling for how to make money online...

... going for multiple training seminars and products that turned out to be fluff and B.S...

... wasted year and thousands so you don't have to...

I took this calculated leap of faith and started with this exact system, and the rest is history.
... now I'm living the dot com lifestyle, making my full-time income with more than enough behind a laptop...

choose the life I want and how I live it..

I choose to pursue passion over obligations...

I choose time and location freedom... 

I choose to make my full-time income online... 

I'm done with worry and strive....

I choose family, and I choose life...

At the end of the day, I'm just a simple guy who started with no computer knowledge...

I took action and the rest is history. I look forward to welcome you on the inside.

To your rapid success and wholeness. God bless.

Author, 102 Ways To Make Money Online
& 102 Life-Changing Affirmations
Online Entrepreneur Trainer
Founder, Clickninja Online Business School
Founder, Touchstudios Pairs | Singapore
Caleb Leng
My Inspirations In This Journey
Beloved ones on the same journey
The loving  father who slogs for his family
Those who inspire my passion
The ones who pursued their own
The ones who believed in their purpose
To those who believe in their purpose
The precious ones in under privileged countries
And to my beloved family  who supported me all the way.
P.S. By now I’m sure you realize that if you don’t get started right now, everything will stay exactly the same. You’ll be sitting there on your computer, wondering what life could have been like, if you weren’t too scared or busy to take action.

But if you make the decision that you’ve already decided to make today, you’ll feel confident and relieved and excited that you are in control of your future.

That you have everything you need to turn things around, and get everything you’ve ever wanted for yourself and your family.

As my father once said “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. 

Make a decision, click this link, and get started today.
Clickninja Academy 

INCOME DISCLAIMER: Now that you are excited to join and buy this system right now, in all honesty and transparency you must know that most people that buy systems to make money online absolutely do not do any work and so they don't make money. Your work and effort will determine your results.
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